Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall!

Rustic has been one of the biggest trends for weddings this year and getting a rustic mirror photo is usually top on the list. Not only is it great for pictures, but being able to keep the mirror itself for a lifetime sounds like a pretty sweet idea!

Here are some awesome Rustic mirrors I found for you to drool over ;)

via Pinterest

Floor mirrors are one of my FAVORITES! Having a little one in the house isn’t so great for that unless you have it secured to the wall somehow. I think I’d panic Emma would knock it down on herself!

via KennethDante (Etsy) – click the picture to see the shop!

The one above would fit PERFECTLY with my home decor. Brian and I love dark wood and have a lot of dark wood in the house. This gives it a feel of dark wood but I love the mixture if lighter wood in there!

via Mazgear (Etsy) – click the picture to see the shop!

The rustic look with the cleanliness of the white frame around it? I think that’s a perfect mix of both worlds!

via Pinterest

I think I might have a weakness for something blue ;) this mirror screams GORGEOUS! Can I have one please!?






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